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American Flag

Frequently Asked Questions

Flags Across the Camp

What if I purchase Flags Across the Camp midyear?

Your service will start on the next flag holiday and continue until you have received 5 flag installations.  Please note: your subscription order must be received no fewer than 5 business days before the next flag holiday in order to have a flag installed on that day. Subscriptions received after that time will begin on the following flag holiday.

What subscription options do you offer?
We offer 2 options: A 1-year auto -renew subscription and a 1-year subscription that will not renew. Both plans are $50.00.  to 

How will the flag be mounted in my yard?
We will insert a plastic spike approximately 6 inches deep into your lawn, and approximately 2 feet back from the curb. We then place the flagpole onto the spike. This creates a firm base that is durable for one day, and which can easily be removed with minimal impact to your lawn.

Can I choose where the flag is placed in my yard?
We will try to place your flag in line with your front door, approximately 2 feet back from the curb. If you would prefer a different specific location, please indicate this on your order form. If you have irrigation or an electric pet fence that will be affected at 2 feet back from the curb, please indicate this on your order form so we can be aware of it.

What if there is no flag in my yard on the expected holiday?
Occasionally a yard will get missed. If this should happen, please email us at to let us know and we will get a flag out to you ASAP! Should this not happen in a timely fashion, we will extend your
subscription to include 5 holidays.

How do I renew the service for another year?
If you purchased and automatic renewal subscription, you don’t need to do anything! You will automatically be billed when your subscription term ends. If not, you will receive an email when your subscription is about to expire.  Simply order a new subscription here

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